TMJ Treatment Technology at MedCenter TMJ

We are proud to offer the most current and advanced TMJ treatment technology in our office. We are dedicated to the continued pursuit of training and education in how to use technology to best aid in your diagnosis and treatment.

Diagnostic Technology

  • I-Cat – 3D x-ray machine that provides high quality 3D images of your head and neck with very limited radiation exposure. Within seconds we can get insight into your jaw alignment, your tooth position, your sinuses, nasal passages, and airway anatomy.
  • K-7 – Equipment used to analyze your jaw movement. Velocity, distance and direction are recorded in 3 dimensions.
  • JVA – Tool for measuring the amount of friction in a joint by tracking the vibrations created when using your jaw. Different disorders can produce different vibration patterns or “signatures”.
  • Tekscan – Digital bite sensor which measures the relative biting forces of each tooth in your mouth. This helps us know how your teeth’s occlusion may be affecting your jaw.

Technology which may be used during Treatment

  • Ultrasound – High frequency sound waves to stimulate the tissue beneath the skin’s surface including ligaments, tendons and fascia. It is used to encourage relaxation of muscles and relief of pain.
  • Cold Laser (Photobiomodulation) – Low-level light therapy applied to deep tissues to increase tissue repair, muscle relaxation, and pain control.
iCat TMJ technology
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