Getting the Facts on Ultrasound and Cold Laser Therapies

TMJheadacheAt the MedCenter TMJ we offer an assortment of supportive therapies to our patients. If you are experiencing severe or debilitating pain from the TMJ or CMD, a recommendation of ultrasound and/or cold laser therapy may be suggested.

What does the ultrasound therapy do?

Ultrasound therapy is a means of delivering heat deep into the tissues through the conversion of sound waves.  It is applied to the affected joint and sore achy muscles. Along with physical therapy, this can be an effective means of managing severe pain.

How does cold laser therapy work?

Cold Laser therapy targets joint and muscle inflammation. It is an ideal therapy for the treatment of jaw pain and TMJ disease. Specifically it uses light therapy to stimulate healing of muscles and tissue. When the light hits a targeted area, it stimulates cell growth and increased blood flow.  One of its known benefits is that it works as a subsequent release on tense joint tissue.

Should I get both treatments or just one?

Only your health care professional can recommend what’s best for you. After a thorough evaluation, it may be determined that both therapies can best alleviate your symptoms.

I don’t like the idea of cold or freezing lasers on my skin!

Cold lasers do not involve the application of an icy beam of light. They are so called because they cause no change in the body tissue temperature. The application of the laser is pain-free and a fairly straightforward process. It involves no needles or skin punctures. No medication needs to first be administered before its use. In fact, most patients report that they feel absolutely nothing after the laser treatment has begun.

Does that mean the laser is hot and I could get burned?

No. Cold laser therapy treatments generate no heat, either. You will not experience any warmth or burning during your session.

Are there any drawbacks to its use?

This treatment is not only effective it is also safe and meets the rigorous standards of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  Check out their website for further information:

“I’ll be cured after treatment, right?”

No. Remember there is no cure for TMD or CMD.  However, most patients report marked decrease in joint inflammation and swelling after ultrasound and cold laser therapy.  It has proven results for both temporary and sustained relief from the symptoms of your disease.

Is this a one-time treatment?

Ultrasound and cold therapy laser treatment is most effective when multiple treatments are given. However, the number of scheduled visits largely depends on the patient. Some patients experience immediate relief and request no additional follow-up. Other patients report that they achieved pain relief only after multiple visits.

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