Dr. Pettit’s Tip for Healthy Living: Physical Health and your Spiritual Health

Nativity scene, Munich

Our best wishes and hopes go to you and your families this Holiday season. Christmas is a wonderful time of year to reflect on life and the relationships that matter most in our lives. Since it is a religious time for many, I hope to share a few thoughts on the importance of physical health as it relates to spiritual health.

Life is a gift. From holy books we learn that each of us was created in the image of God. Each of us has a body, which was bought with a price, and is a temple of God, in which the Spirit of God dwelleth (See 1 Corinthians 3:16-17, 6:19-20). How we treat our physical frame will affect our spiritual ability. Both elements are intimately connected and dependent on one another. Doing your part to take care of your health will free your spirit and magnify the light within you.

Here are a few suggestions to encourage a healthy life-style.

–          Participate in regular physical activity. This can be as simple as taking a walk daily, choosing to use the stairs, or participating in water aerobics.  Activity strengthens the tissues of your body and primes your mental and spiritual well-being.

–          Use moderation in your diet. Eat a variety of fresh foods and avoid overly processed products with little nutritional value. Do not be extreme in your dieting. Find a balanced approach and allow yourself some time as you transition to healthier food choices.

–          Limit the use of stimulants or other potentially addictive substances. You will likely pay the price later for a seeming convenience now.

–          Get high quality rest. Prepare yourself for sleep. As much as possible, regulate your hours to give yourself the time needed for rejuvenation and healing that can only come during your sleep.

Living with a temporomandibular disorder can be aggravating. We may even think it is keeping us from maintaining the healthy life-style we want. MedCenter TMJ is here to provide you the support and tools you need to manage your jaw pain, so you can begin with the rest of your life. Each new day is a new beginning. We wish you a very happy Holiday season!

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