Bucket List Reading Suggestions For TMD Patients

ReadingKnowledge is power, and while your dentist has provided you with ample facts and reading material, you shouldn’t stop there. Before spring arrives, cozy up with some must-read suggestions to better manage your TMJ pain. The following list includes our top five reading recommendations – they can make a real difference in  your life.

Soft Foods For Easier Eating Cookbook: Easy-To-Follow Recipes for People Who Have Chewing and Swallowing Problems by Sandra Woodruff and Leah Gilbert-Henderson. Food is life and no one recognizes this more than the duo nutritionists Sandra Woodruff and Leah Gilbert-Henderson. They offer over 150 recipes for epicurean-challenged people. If you fumble your way around the kitchen and find that heating canned soup is a challenge, this is the book for you. Not only are these dishes easy to make, they’re tasty, too. The authors provide suggestions on how to transform those favorite dishes that you thought were off limits into edible wonders.

Healthminder Personal Wellness Journal by F.E. Wilkins. Journaling is no longer the exclusive activity of angst-ridden teenage girls. If you suffer from TMJ pain, this journal is an essential item. It offers an easy checklist to help users keep track of pain, sleep habits, pollen counts and other factors that can exacerbate TMD. The journal is conveniently bound by a wide spiral ring so that written entries can be added with ease.

One of the healthiest and easiest foods for TMD sufferers is smoothies. But how many times can you make the banana-strawberry blend before you get burned out? Try reading More Smoothies for Life by nutritionist Daniella Chace. With over 150 full recipes, Chace offers readers dozens of ways to make smoothies that could leave a Starbucks barista speechless.  She also provides smoothie recipes for both the weight conscious and budget conscious consumer.

Regarded by many as a classic in self-help therapy, Sick and Tired of Feeling Sick and Tired: Living with Invisible Chronic Illness will radically upend how you feel and think about pain and illness. Authors Paul J. Donoghue and Mary E. Siegel provide new understandings to the field of coping with your diagnosis, and friends and family around you. Their fresh commentary on various topics like guilt, frustration and relating to others will provide you with a perspective left largely unexplored by other medical professionals.

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