Keep Your Summer Vacation Pain-Free!

It’s a traveler’s worst nightmare: getting sick in a strange city. How do you get help? What happens when you can’t get in touch with your usual doctor or dentist? MedCenter TMJ wants you to have the perfect vacation, so follow our 9 simple suggestions to help ensure your vacation goes off without a hitch.


1. One of the most important things you can do is schedule a routine visit with a medical professional BEFORE your vacation starts. This can do much to reduce unexpected medical surprises while traveling. Call Dr. Ronald C. Auvenshine today and avoid TMJ emergencies later when you’re out of town.

2. By now, you have a good sense of your monthly moods, when you feel best and when you feel the worst. Schedule your travel time to coincide with a time that you will feel your best.

3. Make sure your prescription medicines are in their original containers. This will help avoid hassle when traveling through airport security. Never pack medication in checked luggage. Always keep it with you in a purse, briefcase or other carry-on bag.  Lost luggage and missed flights happen all the time, and the last thing you want is to be separated from essential medicine for unknown days on end.

4. Airlines rules have changed dramatically in the past decade and most airlines now restrict travelers to only two carry-on items. Don’t make unnecessary sacrifices. If your TMJ pillow provides you with essential support and comfort, bring it along.

5. Don’t ignore old routines when traveling in new and different environments. Stay consistent with your diet, exercise and stress reduction techniques that have helped in the past.

6. Try taking a “me” vacation. That is to say, take a vacation just for yourself. Every now and then, skip the obligatory family visits and action-packed itinerary. Instead, find some place relaxing to visit. Try booking a restful island visit or perhaps a weekend spa package.

7. Try an active vacation. Of course, you should not start an exercise program on vacation if you have not been exercising in the past. But if you regularly exercise, consider a bike or ski vacation. Staying physically active on vacation is both a pleasurable and healthy option.

8. Traveling is supposed to be relaxing, but for many of us, our stress levels actually go up. We get overwhelmed with packing and trying to make sure we’ve left no essential items behind. So here is an essential travel tip: if you discover you failed to pack something, don’t panic. Unless your vacation is in Timbuktu, odds are you can purchase what you failed to pack. Most items we leave behind are easily replaceable and not worth undue anxiety.

9. Plan ahead. Most of us are not as spontaneous as we would like to be, but that’s okay. We are creatures of habit and tend to do better if travel plans are made in advance and well thought out. So make sure hotel and airfare reservations are planned beforehand.

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