Practical Pillow Talk

Pillow talk matters. What does your pillow say to you at night? Does it whisper sweetly in your ear or more like nails on a chalk board?  Make sure you’re using the pillow properly at night, because if you suffer from TMD or CMD, you need a pillow that sings!


Expensive doesn’t always make a difference!

You don’t need a fancy new pillow to obtain relief from TMJ pain and CMD symptoms. Many people mistakenly believe if they purchase the very best pillow money can buy, they will get maximum benefits. Unfortunately, there is no correlation between expense and value. Pillows tend to cost more depending on what is used inside for filling. Synthetic cotton fiber pillows are usually less expensive compared to downy or feather pillows.  For therapeutic purposes, it makes no difference what kind of stuffing is in your pillow. However, a pillow with loose stuffing is much easier to manipulate and reshape.

Use what you already own

What’s already on your bed will work just fine. First, take the pillow and shake the contents to one end. Now take the other side of the pillow and roll it inward.  You will discover that you have created a bulge on one end of the pillow. Get some safety pins and place them across in a straight row. This will ensure the filling stays in place inside the pillow.  At night, sleep on the bulky portion of the pillow. This will provide support for your neck and jaw muscles.

It’s too bulky

If you don’t feel the pillow was comfortable after your first night of sleep, make adjustments as necessary.  Undo the row of safety pins and decrease the amount of pillow stuffing at one end.  It may take several nights of experimenting before you create a satisfactory pillow.

Pillows with all the bells and whistles

Remember, you don’t need a fancy pillow, but maybe you’ve noticed that Internet searches turn up dozens of pillows that profess to reduce jaw and neck tension for TMD and CMD sufferers. Some retailers even offer aromatic pillows filled with herbs like eucalyptus and peppermint. Many of these pillows can be heated or chilled. And they all come in an assortment of shapes, sizes and colors.

Most of these pillows are specialty products made with memory foam, which can help reduce pressure points on the jaw and ear.  If you think such a purchase might help with your symptoms, read what other users have to say. Many websites post unfiltered customer feedback and this is a great way to learn about a product before first investing your own money. Read the fine print. Can the pillow be returned? Is there a restocking fee? If you find the pillow useful or worthless, post a comment and share your experience with potential consumers.

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