Will Rhinoplasty or Other Facial Procedures Affect My TMJ?

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The symptoms of a temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD) can make everyday tasks challenging. Going to work, eating, sleeping, and even talking can be painful or exhausting if you have TMD. Fortunately, with the help of MedCenter TMJ, you can get your symptoms under control and get back to your life.

Even if you have your symptoms under control, you may find yourself being extra cautious for fear of doing anything to aggravate your condition and increase pain. This is understandable, as TMD treatment usually involves taking good care of your TMJ and avoiding things that will cause it stress or irritation.

Can I Have Plastic Surgery with TMD?

If you’re considering a major decision such as facial plastic surgery, you may be wondering how it will affect your TMD and whether it will interfere with TMD treatment. The good news is, with the right plastic surgeon, you can have a successful procedure that won’t harm your jaw or aggravate your TMJ.

Facial plastic surgery, such as rhinoplasty, face lift, eye lift, and other facial surgeries can be extremely safe when performed by an experienced surgeon. The key is to find a surgeon who:

  • Is board certified in facial plastic surgery.

  • Has an intricate understanding of the mechanics of the face.

  • Has extensive experience in the procedure you desire.

  • Listens to your concerns.

Before undergoing any facial plastic surgery, interview the surgeon, verify their credentials and discuss your TMD symptoms. Choose a surgeon who understands the bones and muscles of the face on a deep level and is ready to address your concerns about TMD.

Great Plastic Surgery Requires an Excellent Surgeon

As with any medical procedure, the outcome depends heavily upon the person performing it. Facial plastic surgery procedures, if not done by a board-certified surgeon who specializes in faces, can throw off the jaw alignment with irritation or inflammation. Not to mention, you could end up with a less than desirable look or need revision surgery.

Because facial plastic surgery is such a delicate and important procedure, especially for our patients with TMD, we recommend finding a doctor who is trusted and reliable. Make sure you go through all of the listed concerns above with your potential doctor before making any decisions.

At MedCenter TMJ, our goal is to help you get relief from TMD and live a healthy life. Contact us to learn more about TMD and what you can do about it.

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