Ideas for Celebrating New Year’s Eve as a Family

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Happy New Year! We’re just a few days from ringing in 2015. How are you planning on celebrating the occasion? Keep reading for fun ideas on how to celebrate New Year’s Eve as a family throughout the entire day, from writing down New Year’s resolutions to ringing in the New Year at midnight.

new years fireworksMake Resolutions as a Family

It’s common for adults to come up with a few resolutions of their own, but encouraging your kids to make resolutions as well is a great idea. A New Years resolution is an opportunity to teach kids about goal setting and how to take the steps to reach them. Help your kids come up with one big resolution that they can work towards throughout the year. Making one or two family resolutions that everyone can work on together is also a great idea.

Throw a Family-Friendly New Year’s Eve Get Together

Get friends, family and neighbors together for a small celebration at your home. You can keep the kids entertained by picking up supplies that can be used to make party favors and letting them dress up in their best attire. Since midnight is a little late for the young partygoers, have the kids celebrate the New Year’s Eve countdown in an earlier time zone before getting them to settle down in a designated nap room.

Have a Movie Marathon

Which movie was your favorite this year? Turn New Year’s Eve into a movie marathon by letting each family member pick their favorite movie from 2014 or by coming up with a few choices that the whole family enjoys.

Have a Meal Full of Lucky New Year’s Foods

Did you know some foods are considered lucky for the New Year? Plan a family fest that makes these lucky TMJ-friendly foods the main attraction:

  • Black-eyed Peas
  • Lentils
  • Buckwheat Noodles
  • Stewed or sautéed collard greens
  • Cornbread

Circular foods of all kinds are also considered good luck so get creative coming up with a few additional items for the New Year’s Eve menu or make a good luck cake with a coin baked inside.

Make a 2014 Scrapbook

Have each family member write down their favorite moments from the past 12 months, print out pictures from family events and add keepsakes from the year to a special scrapbook for 2014.

Celebrate with a Fireworks Show

Many cities, including Houston, hold family-friendly New Year’s Eve celebrations that culminate with a spectacular fireworks show. You can also create your own display by lighting a few sparklers or glow sticks when the clock strikes midnight.

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