Introducing our Blog: Joint Help Direct from our Joint to Yours

Welcome to MedCenter TMJ and the introductory blog of Dr. Ronald C. Auvenshine!

MedCenterTMJHere you can read biweekly posts on an assortment of topics that you’ll find newsworthy, informative and interesting.  We’ll talk about the basic facts of TMD and CMD. We’ll also provide helpful tips so you can better manage your diagnosis. Useful pieces about stress management, optimal joint care and dietary issues will also be addressed. We’ll also cover current events such as tips for coping over the upcoming holidays.

A New Blog but an Established Practice

Our blog series is just getting started, but Dr. Auvenshine has been providing quality patient care for over 35 years. We’re dedicated to providing both quality chronic pain care and educational services for our patients.  Our office offers state-of-the-art technology that allows us to diagnose and treat craniofacial pain (CFP) and temporomandibular joint disorders (TMD).

Proven experience

A native Texan from the Waco area, Dr. Auvenshine attended Baylor University where he graduated in 1966 with a degree in chemistry. He next went to Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, attending their School of Dentistry. After serving in the Army as a dental officer for two years, Dr. Auvenshine attended Louisiana State University Medical School on a fellowship from the National Institute of Health. In 1976 he graduated from there with a Ph.D. in Human Anatomy.

Patients in mind

You’ll discover that our office environment is different. Our staff is devoted to providing friendly and professional service. Every aspect of our care has been designed to meet the needs of our patients. Your comfort is our top priority, so the waiting room, consultation rooms and treatment areas have been designed to optimize the special needs of TMD and CMD patients.

The Cycle of Care

ask-the-doctorComprehensive treatment involves more than just a diagnosis. At MedCenter TMJ, we believe there is a cycle of healing. This involves treatment, management and beginning. First, a thorough examination is performed.  Next, our goal is to provide an accurate diagnosis of the cause or causes of your symptoms. We then work to offer treatment and management of your condition. Importantly, this condition does not mean you are consigned to live a life of food sacrifices and pain. On the contrary, you’ll discover an array of exciting food choices. And you can start down the path to feeling better and living a happier, healthier life.

What it means for you

Any questions or suggestions for future blogs? We’d love to hear from you. Send us an email any time at You can also pick up the phone and call us at 713-790-0531. Or stop in and pay us a visit at 7505 S. Main Street, #210, Houston, Texas, 77030.

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