The Sheen of Dr. Auvenshine:Meet the Professional Behind MedCenter TMJ

When you seek help for chronic facial pain and jaw joint pain, you want the very best.  So if you’re reading this now, you’ve come to the right place. Ronald C. Auvenshine, DDS, PhD, PC has the education and experience you need.

MedCenterTMJA Childhood Interest in Medicine and Anatomy

But let’s face it. We want more than impeccable credentials from our health care professionals—we want to be treated by people who get to know us personally. And quality relationships are ones where we know our health care providers personally. So we’re pleased to introduce Dr. Ronald C. Auvenshine! Since he was a small boy, Dr. Auvenshine always had an interest in science and the human body.  He would avidly read articles in National Geographic or Scientific American, especially ones focusing on the biology and anatomy of the human body.

When he was 12-years-old he started a paper route. Most kids might have bought comic books with their earnings, but not Dr. Auvenshine. He promptly went to the bookstore and bought a copy of Gray’s Anatomy—one of the first comprehensive medical textbooks ever published. As Dr. Auvenshine recalled, “I carried the book around with me wherever I went. I know it was totally ridiculous, because I could hardly understand anything in the book. I couldn’t even pronounce the words. But somehow, I felt that through the miracle of osmosis, the information would transfer from my ‘prized possession’ into my brain. I was fascinated with the bones, muscles and nerves, particularly of the head and neck.”

A Teenage Interest in Dentistry and Oral Science

If we’re lucky we all have at least one special teacher from our youth who showed a special interest and helped guide us to our true calling. For Dr. Auvenshine, his 10th grade biology teacher was that person.  While peering into a microscope at his desk one day, his teacher leaned in and said, “You have long fingers and delicate hands. Have you ever considered dentistry?”  That  notion stayed with him for the next year or so, and shortly afterwards he paid his sister a visit in Denton, where she was attending the nursing program at Texas Women’s University.  At his weekend visit he tagged along with his sister’s boyfriend, an oral surgery resident at Southwestern Medical School.  Following that, Dr. Auvenshine knew beyond a doubt that a career in dentistry was for him.

After graduating with a degree in chemistry from Baylor University in 1966, Dr. Auvenshine headed to Atlanta, Georgia where he attended Emory University School of Dentistry.  Following a two year stint in the Army as a dental officer, he attended Louisiana State University Medical School on a fellowship from the National Institute of Health. In 1976 he graduated from there with a Ph.D. in Human Anatomy.

Not Retiring any Time Soon

Dr. Auvenshine has been devoted to dentistry ever since and feels blessed that his vocation in life is also his avocation. For that reason, he’s not ready to slow down any time soon.  “Retirement should be doing that which you have always wanted to do,” says Dr. Auvenshine, “I have always wanted to be a dentist and I am practicing my dream.”

Next it’s your turn. We’re looking forward to getting to know you personally while we strive to provide the very best in quality dental care.

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