Myotronics K-7 Evaluation System

MedCenter TMJ proudly uses the K-7 Evaluation System, a cutting-edge diagnostic tool manufactured by industry leader Myotronics. During your initial evaluation, this technology will enable us to measure, store, and display accurate data related to your jaw movement. Sensors track the path of the lower jaw in three dimensions and help us understand the speed, direction, and quality of movement. By gathering and analyzing this objective data, we can more quickly and accurately diagnose cases of temporomandibular disorder (TMD) or other anomalies, and recommend appropriate treatment with greater speed and precision.

Objectives of Electrognathography (Jaw Tracking)

  • Mandibular movement velocity
  • Deviations and deflections
  • Bradykinesia and dyskinesia
  • Mandibular opening and closing movements in three planes
  • Vertical, lateral and protrusive range of motion
  • Rest position or relaxed vertical dimension

More About Myotronics K-7 Evaluation System

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