Our Favorite Spring Gazpacho Soup Recipes

gazpacho soup

gazpacho soup

Soups are a great staple food for people with TMJ disorders, but don’t put away your bowls just because it’s warming up outside. Spring is the perfect time for gazpacho!

What is Gazpacho?

Simply put, gazpacho is a soup that blends together bread, vegetables and/or fruit, water, olive oil and seasonings. It is served chilled, which is why it makes such a perfect dish whenever the weather begins to warm up.

Gazpacho originated in Spain and was originally a very simple mixture of water, olive oil, garlic and bread. Later renditions, which have become synonymous with classic gazpacho today, incorporated tomatoes and peppers. There has been some contention as to whether or not bread was a part of the original recipe, but it is certainly a common ingredient for many gazpachos.

Today, the possibilities are endless. Professional and amateur chefs alike have come up with countless options that work off the foundation of the first gazpacho. Food writer Lindsey Bareham was spot on when she described gazpacho as ‘a salad soup.’ The key for creating a fresh gazpacho really lies in using ripe vegetables.

The idea of a cold soup isn’t something that many people in the U.S. are used to, even in Texas where it’s blazing hot most of the year. But for people who want to minimize TMJ problems, it is an excellent replacement for the warm, hearty soups that get dished up during winter.

Gazpacho Recipes to Try This Spring

If you have recently been diagnosed with TMD or are new to the culinary arts, making gazpacho can seem as foreign as the country where it was first created. But in actuality, gazpacho can be made easily and only requires some basic kitchen tools.

Traditional Gazpacho with a Twist

Alton Brown is a master at coming up with inventive, delicious concoctions. But he also knows how to make traditional dishes impeccably well, and his gazpacho is no exception. The foundation is tomatoes, peppers and onions just like it’s been done for centuries, but with a few twists like Worchester Sauce. The result is a slightly chunky soup that’s perfectly balanced.

Get Alton Brown’s Traditional Gazpacho recipe for a full list of ingredients and directions.

White Gazpacho

A main ingredient of White Gazpacho is cauliflower, thus the color. Cauliflower is a healthy super food that creates a great base for this soup. Just boil the cauliflower until tender, blend in together with the other ingredients, season it with salt and chill for an hour. The total prep and cook time is just 25 minutes!

Get the full White Gazpacho recipe for a list of all the ingredients and detailed directions.

Watermelon Gazpacho

Watermelon may seem like an unlikely gazpacho ingredient, but it has become a very popular addition to these chilled soups. The sweetness of the watermelon balances out the acidity of the tomatoes and spiciness of the peppers amazingly well. In the end, watermelon makes gazpacho that much more refreshing on a warm spring day.

Get the Watermelon Gazpacho recipe for the full list of ingredients and directions.

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