TMJ-Friendly St. Patrick’s Day Recipes

Dish of Colcannon potato

Food and festivities are the cornerstones of St. Patrick’s Day, which is a feast day for the patron saint of the same name. The holiday is held every year on March 17th with huge celebrations taking place all over the world. Beer, the color green and traditional Irish foods are the focal points no matter where people are celebrating.

The St. Patrick’s Day holiday is the perfect time to try out some interesting Irish dishes. Here are a few of our favorite St. Patrick’s Day foods that won’t cause TMJ problems during the celebration.

 Traditional Irish Food That’s Okay for People With TMJ

Potatoes – There’s no other food the Irish are better known for than potatoes. Cooks in the country have come up with countless ways to use the root vegetable, but here in America mashed potatoes are an all-time favorite.

Cabbage – Though many other countries in Europe make use of cabbage, history has shown that it is an Irish food through and through. Linguistic records found that Celts knew about and used cabbage during the Iron Age before Romans introduced it to the rest of Europe.

Corned Beef – Beef in general is an Irish staple, but the world has come to equate corned beef with the Emerald Isle. Usually it is made from a brisket cut that has been salted and cooked using a slow, moist-heat method.

Butter and Cheese – For centuries the Irish have been masters at farming and domesticating animals. Today there are many artisan cheese and butter makers that keep the tradition alive. Just use the butter sparingly because it’s known for its high fat content.

 TMJ-Friendly St. Patrick’s Day Menu

Now that you know which ingredients to reach for, it’s time to try out a few St. Patrick’s Day recipes. With the recipes below you can eat like the Irish all day long.

 Breakfast – A Full Traditional Irish Breakfast

The Irish people believe in a hardy breakfast that’s full of meat, eggs, vegetables and potatoes. For a TMJ-friendly version skip the meat, double up on the fried eggs and boil the potatoes and veggies in Irish butter.

 Lunch – Irish Stew

Irish stew is arguably the country’s most famous dish. Fortunately, the slow, low-heat cooking process makes the meat fall-off-the-bone tender. Irish stew recipes can be made even more TMJ-friendly by cutting the meat and veggies into small, bite-sized pieces.

 Dinner – Slow Cooked Corned Beef and Cabbage with Colcannon

People with TMD are always looking for ways to make meats easier to chew, and a slow cooker is one of the most useful tools in the kitchen. With this recipe the flavorful corned beef is almost as tender as the cabbage.

Colcannon is a traditional Irish dish that includes a mixture of potatoes, cabbage and leaks. Martha Stewart’s colcannon recipe is especially scrumptious because of the crispy top.

 Dessert – Irish Cream Chocolate Mousse Cake

Put an Irish twist on mousse cake with Bailey’s Irish Cream. This mousse cake is extremely easy to make and even easier to devour. Skip the green beer and instead indulge in an Irish cream-infused coffee or shake along with your mousse cake.

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