Back to School TMJ Tips for Parents

In Texas, the month of August can mean many things. It’s often the hottest month of the year. It’s also a time to take that last minute vacation. But for many of us, it mostly means the school year is getting ready to start again. And preparing for the fall semester can mean stress. This year, it doesn’t have to be that way.  For both parents and students, we have some great ideas to help you stay on track and avoid TMD stress.

Back To School

Schedule now

At the top of the list, schedule that doctor’s appointment. Now is the time to take your child in for their annual physical and specialty exams. Why? Most schools require this information. You may also be asked to provide particular information on a child’s special health needs form. At MedCenter TMJ, appointments fill up fast this time of year, so make sure you schedule your appointment as soon as possible. In special circumstances, we will do our best to accommodate last minute requests.

Get them to bed

It’s commonly allowed that during the summer months, kids get off schedule with their sleeping habits. But now that the school year is approaching, start to plan ahead. Gradually recondition your child. Help him or her get to bed a little earlier each night. By the end of August, you should be on an acceptable schedule that helps ensure your child gets the appropriate amount of rest they need.

Set up a study area

Does your child have a comfortable and well-lit place to study and do homework? If the answer is “no” set up an area in your home where children can complete their work. This doesn’t mean you need to rush out and buy a desk for your student. A dining room table can work just fine. But if your study space is near the television, make sure that appliance is switched off. Keep your study space clutter-free and let your child know they have a special place where they are expected to sit down and focus.

Keep the lines of communication open

Good study habits don’t happen solely in the home. Make connections with your student’s teacher. Introduce yourself on the first day of school. But remember, this is often an overwhelming time for teachers too. So make sure you introduce yourself for many days after. Connecting with the teacher will do much to ensure your child has an active partner in their learning and growth.

For older, college-age students, see our August 19th blog for more suggestions on how to have a happy, stress-free semester. And don’t forget to schedule that back to school appointment. Contact Dr. Auvenshine and the MedCenter TMJ team.


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