Beaming Patients up for Better Diagnosis: The i-CAT 3-D Scanner

3D technology is not limited to your favorite blockbuster films.  It is also a powerful tool used by your health care provider which is revolutionizing how TMD and CMD patients are diagnosed and treated.

NextGenbannerBecause of the i-CAT Next Generation, much more is possible than ever before.  Get the basic facts on this cutting edge technology used at the MedCenter TMJ.

Things of the past

You probably remember what happened when you visited a dentist in the past. For optimal diagnosis and treatment you needed x-rays.  Pictures of your jaw and teeth were then taken, yielding only a 2 dimensional view. If you accidentally moved during the x-ray, the procedure had to be repeated.

A simple explanation of how it works

At the MedCenter TMJ, we use the i-CAT 3D cone beam imaging system. This state-of-the-art scanning machine captures the anatomy of the neck, jaw and skull, providing a comprehensive view of your cranial anatomy.   The scan captures the movement of your jaw socket and the alignment of your teeth. The dynamic interaction of muscles, soft tissue and bone are all clearly identified. Traditional 2D films can also be easily obtained in the same setting.

i-CAT Next GenerationNo two set of fingerprints are alike, and no two patients have identical complications with their jaw. The i-CAT gives your health care provider the information he needs to diagnose and treat your unique symptoms. After reviewing your scan, you will be provided with a plan tailored specifically to address your distinctive abnormalities.

Three reasons why it’s better

The i-CAT scanner is expediting patient care. No longer do you need to schedule dozens of exams before an accurate assessment is reached.  Your health care provider can obtain essential clinical data in less than a day. And that means you won’t have to wait days on end for a diagnosis. In just one visit you will have a full understanding of  both your diagnosis and a workable treatment plan.

_D5Q9594With traditional dental x-rays, you are being exposed to unmeasured levels of radiation. The i-CAT allows your health care provider to minimize radiation doses to the neck and jaw.

The i-Cat machine has an ergonomic stability system. This ensures patients are comfortable and stationary, reducing the odds of needing to retake images.

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