Freshman Refresher on Stress Management for TMD

Welcome back, college students! By now, you’re probably four to five weeks into the semester and well on your way to establishing a healthy routine in your new school environment. This week, we’re checking in to see how everything’s going and offer some additional smart suggestions for staying healthy and managing your TMD.


Meet the University Gym

You probably know your way around the campus by now. Have you discovered the university gym? Most schools have facilities that are not only open for athletic teams, but the student body as well. So head to the gym and make exercise an important part of your daily routine.

Too Busy to Exercise?

There’s no excuse not to exercise. Medical experts agree: with as little as 20 minutes of daily exercise, one can dramatically reduce the side effects of stress and anxiety. Exercise also improves brain function, which can help students stay focused and study smarter.

Your Sleep Cycle

If you moved into a new dorm, hopefully some of the excitement has worn off by now. You’ve probably made new friends, and are on your way to developing some lifelong relationships! And hopefully, your roommate is as serious and studious as yourself. But what do you do if they’re not?

Ask For Help

Every dormitory floor usually has an RA or residential adviser. They are around to make sure things are running smoothly and prevent those wild parties from happening in college dorms. If you and your roommate don’t seem to be on the same wavelength, ask for help. Schedule a visit with your RA to talk about your issues. There’s a good chance you can receive a different room assignment and pair off with a fellow student who shares your level of motivation and drive.

Eating Well

You have explored the cafeteria options. Are you choosing wisely? Remember, a junky diet of delivered pizza and energy drinks actually decreases your overall energy, leaving students more vulnerable to stress and tension. Try purchasing or renting a mini-refrigerator for your dorm room. Keep it stocked with a healthy supply of fruits, veggies and bottled water.

Overload Protection

Do you feel that your course schedule is a bit heavy this semester? Are you having a hard time juggling the responsibilities with all your classes? You may have taken on more than you can handle. Don’t be afraid to admit it. It’s easy to misjudge how much free time you really need in any given week. If you signed up for an excessive number of courses, drop one. Many universities have liberal drop policies, allowing students to exit a class early with no effect on their transcript.

And don’t forget, one of the most important things you can do to manage your TMD during the semester is to schedule routine visits with Dr. Ronald C. Auvenshine. Call today!


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