Tween Tips for TMD

parent_student_homeworkStress and TMD go hand-in-hand for people of all ages. If you are the parent of a younger child or tween, keep them healthy throughout the school year. Even though the first week of the new year has long passed, parents should stay vigilant to make sure things are going well. This week, we offer even more tips to make sure the school year is progressing without stress and anxiety.

Make a Play Date Happen

Has your young child mentioned the names of fellow classmates a lot? They may have positively made a connection with a friend. Try to arrange a play date with that child’s parents. It is essential that children have positive relationships with their peers both in and outside of school.


Most of us are working parents and it’s hard to take time off from work, but if possible, try to volunteer in your child’s classroom at least once during the school year. The benefits of doing so are incalculable. You will gain a better understanding of your child’s daily routine and classroom environment. It’s also a great way to make stronger connections with your student’s teacher. But most importantly, it will help your child understand the interconnectedness of family and school life. Your child will appreciate the vested interest you share in their education.

After School Activities

Now that your child has had some time to acclimate to their in-school schedule, it’s time to pursue extracurricular activities. The most important tip here is not to overdo it. Limit yourself and your child to no more than two activities per week. Too many scheduled activities can create stress on children, and they may feel compelled to over-perform. Their school work can also suffer if they’re too booked up after school.

Plan Smart

Try to select an after-school activity that allows parents to carpool. This can do much to avoid unwanted stress and frustration over long driving distances. Better still, try to find activities that are nearby and require less coordination of time driving back and forth. If possible, find activities that occur after school, but on-site. This will eliminate the need to be picked up and dropped off altogether.

Review time

Even if things are going smoothly for your youngster, are you spending time reviewing the school books and homework? Your enthusiasm and interest in a student’s learning extends well beyond the first week of school. Make sure you are taking time to learn what your student is learning. Also stay involved by making sure their homework is double-checked and completed.

Schedule and keep those medical appointments

You took care of the annual August doctors’ visits. But have you proceeded with follow-up? Keeping your child healthy and free of TMD symptoms may require routine visits and ongoing communication. So don’t forget to call MedCenter TMJ today.


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