This place changed my life. I was stressed and hurting when I came in, and now I am a totally different person.


This has been a really good experience. The facial pain has decreased about 1000%. I am very, very, very happy with the treatment plan. When I started the treatment, the pain was really bad; from a scale 1-10, it was definitely a 10. I had this pain for years. After the first 3 weeks, I noticed a difference. After 6 weeks the pain was a definitely going from a 10 to a 1. Within about 12 weeks there was no pain. With the natural ointment and the moist heat, those two combined, they took care of the pain that would come up much better than Advil or any other medicine. I didn’t think that the treatment was going to work, but it did! I wish I had started treatment a lot sooner. It is very important that the ointment is all natural because as I get older I feel that my body is not able to break down a lot of artificial stuff. It is a lot easier for the natural stuff to be absorbed and it gives you a better result. I did not think that this treatment would work. I was proven wrong. The doctor was right – with this type of pain the medicine does not attack the issue, and it only attacks the pain. I did not think an orthotic appliance would help with the pain.


My life has changed for the better ever since my first visit. Three years later and I am still able to manage my TMJ issues extremely well. MedCenter TMJ not only has the best doctor but also the latest equipment. Dr. Auvenshine is definitely the top in this field. What I found most important was the education I received about my condition so that I could be proactive in my management and not just have my TMD take control of me. My treatment has been life changing and I am forever grateful to Dr. Auvenshine and his staff – thank you!!!


My choice to see Dr. Auvenshine was based on his education and medical experience. When I came to see him, I was experiencing discomfort and sharp pain in my right jaw. After six months of his recommended jaw exercises and wearing the appliance, I can truly say that now I am not having the discomfort or pain. At this time, I understand that I will continue to exercise my jaw and wear the appliance at night. Dr. Auvenshine has made a difference in my life because I am now pain free. Also, his office staff is awesome.


Until visiting with Dr. Auvenshine, I had no idea how tense my jaw muscles were and that that was the cause of my debilitating headaches. Treatment results were instantaneous. I slept better the very first night, the headaches were gone and there was no more shooting pain behind my eye. There is simply no reason to live in pain and suffer through. Dr. Auvenshine’s treatment advice is simple, easy and has made a real difference in the quality of my life.


My morning drives in traffic can be very stressful. I use my Bed Buddy when driving and it reduces the stress


I always look forward to coming to my appointments with Dr. Auvenshine. His office is always pleasant, quiet and a peaceful experience.


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