Treatment of Temporomandibular Joint Disorders

In making choices regarding your TMJ treatment, it is important to be informed about your unique condition and the treatment options available. We believe in conservative and minimally-invasive treatment. We believe this is the best way to achieve life-long success.

MedCenter’s Goals For Successful TMD Treatment

  • relieve pain
  • restore function
  • prevent progression of the disease
  • prevent avoidable disability
  • provide education for you

If you are diagnosed with a temporomandibular disorder, we will provide therapy to help remove unhealthy pressure from the jaw joint and encourage muscle relaxation. This will encourage your jaw joint to position itself in the optimum position for continued health and function.

Controlling TMJ Pressure & Orofacial Discomfort

One of our treatment methods to control unhealthy pressure on the jaw joint is a customized orthotic appliance. This appliance is created to put your jaw in its optimum position. It helps the brain think that the teeth and the jaw joint are lined up. It is worn over the upper or lower teeth, depending on the exact nature of the discrepancy and what best fits your needs. The appliance is generally worn for a period of six months on a full-time basis.

In addition to fabrication of an appliance, a program of specific stretches, exercises, and massages is given to optimize muscle and joint health. You will be provided instruction in eating, food choices, chewing patterns, and protection against wide opening. Instructions for use of a moist heating pad, manipulation, and other supportive care will also be provided to help you achieve your best possible self.

Managing Temporomandibular Disorders in the Long-Term

Having a TMJ problem is like having a “bum” knee or a “bad” back. It is an orthopedic problem which will require long-term management. We desire to help you keep your long-term TMD management as simple as possible for life-long success.

“We are completely focused on our patients, their needs and their overall health. It is the reason we are here every day,” explains retired founding member Dr. Auvenshine.

Our treatment is supported with advanced technology that may be helpful in your overall success.

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