Bite FX

By Jaime Simpson, MedCenter TMJ Publicist

We have all been there. We have all been stuck in a foreign situation that leaves us blank in the face.

I asked questions. He answered. He even explained as best he could what all the parts were and the mechanics of how a car runs.

I am in advertising and I taught Spanish before that. I remember those blank looks as well from students on the first day of Spanish class when I rambled in a foreign language to them.

Blank looks and it was Greek (in this case, Spanish) to them.

It is okay that we are not 100 percent fluent in understanding each and every “language” or “terms” for each and every life situation. However, at MedCenter TMJ, Dr. Auvenshine and his staff want to break down your unique problem so that you not only understand what is wrong but why it is wrong and how to best fix the problem.

Your ability to understand your unique problem is just as important as the technology at MedCenter TMJ and our ability to provide effective treatment. That is why we utilize BiteFX.

By providing striking animations, BiteFX helps us communicate dental occlusion concepts and treatments with our patients.

“I am a smart woman who knew before I even came to MedCenter TMJ for Dr. Auvenshine’s help that I had a serious problem,” explained one patient. “Once I was there, I was glad BiteFX further explained my problem. While I understood what Dr. Auvenshine was telling me, BiteFX gave me an even better understanding. Even more so, if I had any questions if treatment was important, BiteFX showed me just how important it was to correct my problem.”

At MedCenter TMJ, we know that when you enter our office for the very first time, you have anxiety. You have been suffering from pain. You may have been misdiagnosed somewhere else. You want answers and you need help. And the entire process can cause stress for patients who simply want to end the pain they have been living with for years, maybe even decades.

BiteFX helps.

If you have questions before, during or after treatment, our staff is here for you to not only treat you but to also ease your concerns. We can also offer to help you better understand with BiteFX animations. At the end of the day, your understanding and your participation in your treatment will make all the difference.

Just the other day, my uncle was working on my car. I thought I should offer my help (and my small hands) to get under the hood and see what was wrong. But it was Greek to me.

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